Classes in Tibetan Buddhism

Please note that our sangha has “gone virtual” since the covid-19 pandemic. Contact Lhamo Khandro ( if you are interested in joining us. You’ll receive help in joining us through ZOOM.

Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism

This ongoing class offers instruction on the fundamentals of Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice. Study, contemplation and meditation form the core of our spiritual evolution as human beings. In this beginners’ class, students will also be taught a meditation practice that they can carry home, off the cushion, and into their lives. Every Sunday, 10-11am. Beginning cost: $50 Contact Lhamo Khandro if a fee reduction or waiver is needed.

Deepening Your Practice

During this class, students receive the reading transmission, practice instructions and blessings that will allow them to develop their knowledge and experience of the Ngondro Practice, the foundational daily practice of a Tibetan Buddhist. This is an 8-week class, occurring periodically, based upon student need. It’s scheduled from 9:30-10:00am on Saturdays. Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism is a prerequisite. Saturdays, 9:30 to 10:00am. Cost: $50. Contact Lhamo Khandro if a fee reduction or waiver is needed.

If you interested in either class, please use the form below.

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