What are the Buddhists Up To?

Sunday Schedule: December 15th

8:30 Sojong (Advanced Students)

10:00. Awakened Mornings. (All are Welcome)

11:00 Homemade Scones at the Home of Lois and Paul Andrews – Sangha members and their partners are all welcome.

Sojong is a ceremony performed by Buddhists on the Full and New Moons. It is a rite of purification that infuses the repairing and restoring of broken vows, together with a renewed commitment to them in the future. Vajrasattva, a being with a light-filled body, is the principal meditational deity involved in this specific tantric practice. As the practice progresses, the light of Vajrasattva dissolves into the practitioner, purifying them and filling them with a pure light. This practice is a dear one for me. The act of turning my attention inwardly, truthfully, to ask myself how I’m doing with keeping my vows is such a good one. The experience is one of becoming illumined rather than shamed, although real remorse inspires the will to grow and change.

Blessings of love and light to all of you!


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