Birth – Death – and Rebirth…

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Dear Sangha,

On Christmas Eve day, Anita (Drolkar) Plummer’s brother Orvel passed away.  As many of you recognize, this is one of many losses for Anita and her family this year.  Please stop in your busy Christmas Day to offer one mala of the Chenrezig mantra on behalf of all of them.  If you are able, please attend the Tara practice this Friday morning at 9-10am to offer prayers in remembrance of Orvel, and to ask Tara, our “Patron Saint-ess” that she might lead him and comfort him in the bardos.  The cycle of birth – death – and rebirth is such a powerful archetype during this season of the turning of the light.  Let’s all let Orvel be our spiritual friend today, reminding us of the preciousness of a human birth.  Surpassing all odds, we’ve been given this human life and plane of existence in which we’re able to evolve our consciousness, and actually develop into more and more highly realized beings.  This is really possible!  
Om Mani Padme Hung Hrih!
Bless you Orvel.

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