Cancelled – Walking Meditation at the Labyrinth

Hello to all! I hope that you are well, and that this Spring is bringing many blessings to you.

Please note that ALL walking meditation practices at the Kayenta Labyrinth that are associated with our sangha have been cancelled until I give further notice. I have not agreed to any of them so far, and so please be respectful. Let’s wait until I hear news that helps me feel more comfortable with gatherings. I appreciate how much we want to get together, and how beautiful it is at the labyrinth.

Of course, individuals who choose to go there to practice in solitude … there are many opportunities to do so. I enjoy doing so myself. But please …. for now …. no group walking meditation gatherings at the labyrinth, as a sangha practice. I’ll let you know when that changes.

Let me thank you in advance for respecting this.


Lhamo Khandro

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