A Lotus Blooms in the Desert

Greetings from Lhamo Khandro at Tahri Marpo Ling Gonpa.  Thanks to the help and kindness of many people, our sangha is opening up to a wider world through this brand new website.  My hope is that those in southwest Utah who seek a Buddhist path, and are searching for a sangha with which to practice, will be able to find us.  Much gratitude is in my heart, especially for my teacher, Lama Thupten Dorje Gyaltsen Rinpoche, founder of Urgyen Samten Ling, and the spiritual root of our sangha.  

Every day, I wake up and feel a sense of awe as I look outside and see the majestic red cliffs that border our village of Kayenta.

Our sangha is small, and growing.  The root is strong.  Meditation periods, classes in Buddhism, pujas and periodic retreats are available to those who cross our path.   May we and all beings covered by the sky, be blessed with the protection and care of Green Tara.  She is our “Savioress,” and we thank her by performing the Green Tara practice every Friday morning.

A new meditation period called Awakened Mornings, will begin on the last Sunday in November. We’ll meet from 10-11am Sunday mornings.  The practice will consist of a guided meditation: focusing the mind, opening the heart, and generating compassion.  We will end with the short form of the Chenrezig practice, offered in English.  Chenrezig is the Buddha of Compassion, and his mantra is the one that’s so familiar – Om Mani Padme Hum Hrih.  This is a simple practice, but one that carries great power.  It is accessible to both beginning students of the dharma, and seasoned practitioners.  Please join us!

Many blessings!


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