Adding Fuel to the Fire

Tomorrow’s Awakened Mornings practice at the Kayenta Art Village – Sacred Space Spa will begin with some thoughts from the book, In Love With the World, by Yongey Mingur Rinpoche. What could possibly cause a well-respected 36-year-old Rinpoche to run away from his own monastery, leaving behind a note for his attendant to discover at noon the following day?

Mingyur Rinpoche talks about his longtime wish to go into retreat as a wandering yogi, living moment-to-moment, with no knowledge of what comes next. Finally, he does it, leaves the monastery and all of his roles, intentionally entering a sort of bardo of the in-between. Mind you, this Rinpoche has grown up surrounded by teachers, monks and attendants who revere him and anticipate his needs. Now, alone and on his own for the first time, the titles and concepts that have shaped his identity are suddenly stripped away.

The question is this: Will he be able to maintain the level of mind-training that he has achieved in a very well-ordered environment? What will happen when he steps into the chaos?

Well, I’ve only read Chapter 1. Follow me, if you like, as I study this book one chapter per week, to learn from one of the eminent sons of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.

Thank you, whomever you may be, for your interest in this blog. I’ve never done this before in my life! Time to add a little fuel to the fire!


Lhamo Khandro

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