How We Change

Good morning! I’ve been up early this morning, reading more from In Love with Life, by Yongey Mingur Rinpoche (Chapter 18 – Coming Through Darkness). Here, he explains the bardos that we go through from death to rebirth, and relates them to the processes of change that take place while we are alive.

He reminds me that, since change is inevitable, why not steer the ship? Do I want to remain stuck in old patterns that have outlived their usefulness, or do I want to participate in the evolution of my spiritual consciousness? I do not want to take this precious human life for granted, or squander the time available to step into this evolution willingly, moment-by-moment.

I hope you’ll join us for Awakened Mornings, at 9:00 today, in the Sacred Space Spa where we’ll study these teachings of Mingur Rinpoche, enter into a short form of the Chenrezig practice, and THEN …

Scones and coffee with Dechen and Paul. Yay! These are the best scones in the world.

Many blessings!


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