Virtual Buddhism at 11:00 am Today

The message below was written by Rinpoche yesterday, so his request for your participation is intended for today. Please join us if you are able. After reciting one mala of the Long Vajrasattva, please send your accumulation to Lama Palden at:

Many blessings to all of you! Lhamo

A Message from Thupten Rinpoche.
To my students :
Emaho! I pay homage to All of my Enlightened Teachers, the embodiment of the Three Kayas, Knowledge and Wisdom.
Retreat within and look at your Fears and Hopes. Sit upon your meditation cushion and practice. Dont suppress your feelings and emotions. Let them arise, without Clinging. They will pass into the Emptiness of the Spacious Mind. Please recite the Long Vajrasattva Mantra as much as you can to purify self and others with Loving-kindness and Compassion. We need positive thought forms, intentions, and clarity of minds during these difficult and challenging times. If we don’t change our thinking and perceptions, our behaviors will not change. Suffering of our present reality will continue. The ability to change is within All of Us. Now is the time to wake up from the distractions of our own self created fantasies and delusions. Sit upon your seat and practice for the benefit of All Sentient Beings.
Tomorrow at 11:00 am, practice and accumulate the Long Vajrasattva Mantra. As a collective Sangha, I would like to accomplish,100,000 recitations, to liberate the Virus of Fear, Anger, Confusion, Anxiety and Ignorance, starting with myself. We can conquer the effect of the Coronavirus as a collective of Human Beings. I empower each and everyone of you with the Blessings of Our Lineage. Practice and sit upon your seat. Hiding in the excuses of the past will not help Us. The causes of this Virus have been set. The out come of the Result still lies in our Actions. Change your mind and Open your Heart, this very moment. Sit Upon Your Seat and Practice.
Tomorrow, recite, 100, One Mala, of the Long Vajrasattva, No Excuses, for the next day is Uncertain. Send your count everyday to Lama Palden. Sit Upon your Seat and Practice.
Blessings of Loving-kindness and Compassion from the Infinite Enlightened Buddhas and Guru Rinpoche…🙏🌅🙏

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