All Sangha Gatherings Have Stopped For The Time Being

Good morning! Perhaps some of you did not receive an earlier message about the cancellation of all sangha gatherings. So, I am writing this note to let you know. The intention is to exercise wisdom, and prevent as much exposure to this virus as possible. Your spiritual practice will benefit greatly from this, if you see things in a certain light. One might have the thought – “Oh no! Now I’m cooped up at home with nothing to do.” That would lead to stress. On the other hand, one could have the the thought – “This is the perfect time to go into retreat.”

So, I did. I’m in retreat, and not completely removed from everyone, but doing practices throughout each day. I am also following the example of Lama Thupten Rinpoche. He went into retreat earlier on.

Let’s not waste our energy on anxiety. Instead, let’s put all of that energy into something very good and calming, that benefits all sentient beings. In retreat, there is a daily schedule, a rhythm that has been set. It is like the container that supports an awareness of being slightly removed from the fabric of ordinary life. Our sense of awareness then has more room to expand, as if flowing outward into a vast, expansive place. It is none other than our own primordial nature of mind. Luminous awareness. Vast emptiness. Amazing!

Feel free to contact me by text if you have a question, or want to talk about your practice: 801-671-8758.

I’ll also send out messages in the future to let everybody know when we will begin gathering again as a sangha. Until then, be wise, curb the desires that make you want to run around and socialize and shop. Do it for others.


Lhamo Khandro

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