Vulnerable Times

Hello to all of you! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. My time has been given to developing a Virtual Buddhist approach to Nature’s latest manifestation: the Covid-19 Virus. May it go quickly into the dissolution phase of its existence, and return to its source, where it can do no harm. The technology for our movement into Virtual Buddhism is up and running. So, you can virtually “attend” both the Green Tara Practice (9am Friday morning) and the Awakened Mornings Practice (9am Sunday morning) through the ZOOM video conferencing platform. If I can do it, you can do it. Contact me if you’re interested in joining us.

Technology is not my forte. It’s always been very challenging. Nevertheless, I’ve been willing to stretch way beyond my comfort zone. Why? For you! I would never, ever do this if it was just about myself. Look inside. Can you see the part of yourself that is willing to change, when it’s done to help another? This is what we’re here to do! I think that when we attune ourselves to the suffering of others, it can crack our hearts and concretized narratives of others wide open. Vulnerability can create a very big opening in our minds and hearts. Please take advantage of this opportunity!

I’m paying attention to the good that’s coming out of our current circumstances. Republicans and democrats are (sort of) working together, many spiritual seekers have found this to be an unexpected opportunity for retreat. We’re all just spending much less time running around doing things we think we need to do. (Many people have told me this is a big relief!). Some medical professionals are coming out of retirement to offer themselves to other areas hard hit, like New York, etc. Regular people are sewing face masks to help supply those on the front line who are not properly supplied. Look closely at these Bodhisattvas. If it was you, would you risk your life to go help others, especially when the circumstances are grave?

It is also easy to see the opportunities for generating anger. Our work is to focus on what can be done to help, within and without. As I’m fond of saying, “this is where the rubber hits the road.” Anger has been called a “poison” for good reason. It’s horrible for body and mind, and it’s also very easy to transmit to others. Everyone has the seed of enlightenment within their heart-space. We must first recognize it in ourselves and then cultivate it. Then we will have the empathy to trust that this enlightened seed also exists in the hearts of others, even if they do not see it in themselves.

Some people have gained much clarity of mind, and can use the wrathful deities as inspiration to set very clear limits with a big, loving “NO” – just as a mother will grab her toddler by the suspenders as he is about to run in front of a car, and scold him truthfully. “I love you, and you almost got hurt! Please, don’t ever do that again!” These wrathful spokespersons are very important in our practice, our culture and in our world at large. Right now, they are saying, “Listen to the epidemiologists! Stay away from each other. Don’t gather. Better yet, stay home, for the sake of others. Please listen to them! You endanger others with your running around!”

So I encourage you to turn inward, practice, grow, and generate a ton of love and compassion and patience and peace. Everyone needs that from you. Right now. Don’t delay!

Thank you! – Lhamo Khandro

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