Weekly Meditation Practices – Open to All

Awakened Mornings Practice – Tuesday mornings from 10-11am – Open to all. This practice begins with three guided meditations to focus the mind, open the heart, and generate compassion for all sentient beings. Then, a short form of the Chenrezig practice is led, in English. Chenrezig is the Buddha of Compassion, and his mantra – OM MANI PADME HUM HRIH – is the most well-known mantra.

Green Tara Practice – Friday mornings from 10-11 am – Open to all. Green Tara is known as the Mother of All Buddhas.  We engage in this practice to awaken our capacity for enlightened activity, present in the form of the feminine dimension of the primordial nature of mind.  Green Tara is known for her ability to dispel fear, anxiety and suffering.

Just contact Lhamo Khandro for Zoom instructions for entering this virtual Buddhist sangha: 801-671-8758 or choshin4@gmail.com. If you have trouble learning how to use Zoom technology, I’m happy to help you if I can,

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