Blessing the Horses’ Home

Recently, our sangha was invited to bless the “home” of the wild mustangs of Windhorse Relations. We had never been asked to bless a house before, and so this was a beautiful beginning, and a time when Tahri Marpo Ling and Windhorse Relations forged a new relationship. A herd of wild mustangs lives on the outskirts of Kayenta. The program of helping people learn from these majestic beings was founded by Mary Lee Brighton, and co-founded by Marcia Thayne. Please go to their website: to “meet” each of the mustangs via vibrant photos, to learn more about Mary Lee and Marcia, and especially to see the warming and healing of the heart that occurs “When Horse Meets Heart.”

Mary Lee Brighton opens with a history of her relationships with the wild mustangs; how her program developed over time, changing and transforming her and those with whom she, Marcia and the horses work. The Buddhists add hats, sunglasses and boots to their typical dress, given that we are all meeting at noon, under the desert sun.
Pam Rousesu – Another person who has been a longstanding supporter of Windhorse Relations
Beryl gives his full attention as prayers begin. A bird listens too.
All ears immediately perk up and turn toward the sounds of mantras and bells.

The horses and neighboring cows really became enlivened as the chanting and playing of bells and drums progressed, blessing and purifying the land, the animal-beings and all who care for them. Many volunteers care for the horses and cows, and help during programs that bring humans and horses together through a heart-connection.

Preparing to bless and purify the land, and all beings who live, work and love here.
Guests, horse-women and students from the Intro to Tibetan Buddhism Class listen as one
Praying together – Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha
Green Tara – The Mother of All Buddhas
Dechen, Zopa & Guests
Sherab-la and Lhamo Khandro
Yang Kyi and Sonam
Sarah and Cragun – the newly weds
Present moment wakefulness!
Beneath Red Mountain: blessing, purifying and encircling the horses’ home with the mantra of Vajrasattva
And if you look carefully, you will see a gopher snake, crawling in front of the altar, under Lhamo Khandro’s seat, on his way to enjoy the dharmapala offerings, as we all enjoyed refreshments afterward.

This was a very sweet, memorable time. Mary Lee, Marcia and all of their volunteers have created a truly sacred practice of basic goodness through their work with horse and human beings. The horses and cows became very active and animated with the chanting and playing of bells and drums! A closeness developed between the people of Windhorse Relations and Tahri Marpo Ling. Blessings covered everyone.

MANY MANY THANKS TO BRENT AND PAM LAYTON for donating their skills and beautiful photography! You’ve truly given us a gift of remembering this precious day, and bringing its benefits into every day, for everyone. Thank you!

Lama Thupten Dorje Gyaltsen Rinpoche
Lama Palden

MANY MANY THANKS TO LAMA THUPTEN RINPOCHE AND LAMA PALDEN for their ongoing teachings and support. They are are root. We are the branch. We are really blessed.

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