Blessing the Horses’ Home

Recently, our sangha was invited to bless the “home” of the wild mustangs of Windhorse Relations. We had never been asked to bless a house before, and so this was a beautiful beginning, and a time when Tahri Marpo Ling and Windhorse Relations forged a new relationship. A herd of wild mustangs lives on theContinue reading “Blessing the Horses’ Home”


Sangha members of Tahri Marpo Ling were able to gather in the early morning to walk the Labyrinth mindfully, and with much gratitude for this precious human birth. Zopa (Tom Grove) led us, and Dechen (Lois Andrews) nourished us with her homemade scones-to-go. Thank you sangha, for coming together in this practice. May you beContinue reading “WALKING WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION”