Virtual Buddhism at 11:00 am Today

The message below was written by Rinpoche yesterday, so his request for your participation is intended for today. Please join us if you are able. After reciting one mala of the Long Vajrasattva, please send your accumulation to Lama Palden at: Many blessings to all of you! Lhamo A Message from Thupten Rinpoche.To myContinue reading “Virtual Buddhism at 11:00 am Today”

All Sangha Gatherings Have Stopped For The Time Being

Good morning! Perhaps some of you did not receive an earlier message about the cancellation of all sangha gatherings. So, I am writing this note to let you know. The intention is to exercise wisdom, and prevent as much exposure to this virus as possible. Your spiritual practice will benefit greatly from this, if youContinue reading “All Sangha Gatherings Have Stopped For The Time Being”

Oops – Corrected Version – What’s Up With the Buddhists?

Hello to all. Here are the highlights for the coming two weeks! 10 am on Thursday, January 2nd, I will be making torma at my home, to be used during the Green Tara Puja the following morning. E-mail me if you are interested in learning how to make the torma. 9 am on Friday, JanuaryContinue reading “Oops – Corrected Version – What’s Up With the Buddhists?”