12/18 Group Ngondro Practice

On Wednesday, December 18th from 6-7:30 pm, Lhamo will lead a brief discussion of pp. 133-148 of the book Words of My Perfect Teacher. Topics include: The Benefits of Liberation and How to Follow a Spiritual Friend. Afterward we will practice the Ngondro together. All students who have completed both 8-week classes are welcome toContinue reading “12/18 Group Ngondro Practice”

Schedule Change!

KAY BARICKMAN <choshin4@gmail.com> 4:34 PM (0 minutes ago) The Awakened Mornings practice on Sunday mornings will have to begin a little bit earlier: 9-10 am, rather that 10-11. There is a longstanding coffee group that meets outside of the Sacred Space Spa from 10-11, and so in order to find a time of greater quiet, we’llContinue reading “Schedule Change!”

What are the Buddhists Up To?

Sunday Schedule: December 15th 8:30 Sojong (Advanced Students) 10:00. Awakened Mornings. (All are Welcome) 11:00 Homemade Scones at the Home of Lois and Paul Andrews – Sangha members and their partners are all welcome. Sojong is a ceremony performed by Buddhists on the Full and New Moons. It is a rite of purification that infusesContinue reading “What are the Buddhists Up To?”

Everything’s Changing – Again!

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 Well, here’s to the best laid plans ….. We all know this story, Feeling good, mapping the week out, and then Impermanence steps in to say, “I don’t think so.” This is a prelude to the cancellation of tonight’s Advanced Class. Patrick got very sick, and then right as he startedContinue reading “Everything’s Changing – Again!”

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Tomorrow’s Awakened Mornings practice at the Kayenta Art Village – Sacred Space Spa will begin with some thoughts from the book, In Love With the World, by Yongey Mingur Rinpoche. What could possibly cause a well-respected 36-year-old Rinpoche to run away from his own monastery, leaving behind a note for his attendant to discover atContinue reading “Adding Fuel to the Fire”

A Lotus Blooms in the Desert

Greetings from Lhamo Khandro at Tahri Marpo Ling Gonpa.  Thanks to the help and kindness of many people, our sangha is opening up to a wider world through this brand new website.  My hope is that those in southwest Utah who seek a Buddhist path, and are searching for a sangha with which to practice, will beContinue reading “A Lotus Blooms in the Desert”